We use Amerimax hinged gutter guards.
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Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guard Installation Services
Call now for a free, no-obligation estimate for gutter and downspout cleaning in Branson, MO.
Gutter and downspout cleaning is a critical part of home maintenance, and
should be done a minimum of every six months.  Adding leaf guards can reduce
should have your gutters cleaned properly:

  • Landscaping & water flow.  Overflowing water will damage landscaping
    and can cause ruts along the side of your house, leading to water
    problems under your home.

  • Roofing damage. Water will seep up under your shingles causing moisture
    damage, mildew, and mold to grow on your sheeting.  The only way to
    properly repair this damage would be to replace your shingles and also the
    sheeting underneath.

  • Sagging & detachment.  Water sitting in your gutters will cause sagging of
    the gutters, ultimately resulting in the gutters becoming detached and
    falling off.  This leads to the cost of having the gutters replaced or

  • Rotting wood fascia.  If water sits for long periods of time, it causes rot.  
    Properly maintaining your gutters can help you avoid the expense of
    replacing your fascia.

  • Mosquitos. Especially during the summer months, mosquitos will be
    attracted to stagnant water sitting in your gutters.  These insects are
    pesky, but they also can carry disease.

  • Ice.  Ice can wreak havoc on gutters.  The weight alone is damaging to
    your gutters.  Here's the kicker, though: like in the second point above,
    after your gutters fill up with water, freeze, and icicles form, the
    continuing wintry mix can sneak under your shingles and cause mold and
    mildew in your attic.  Once it hits your sheetrock, major damage has
    already been done to your home.
Amerimax Mill Hinged Gutter Guards
Master Handyman, LLC - Custom Decks, Fencing, Siding

How much does it cost to have my gutters cleaned?
The only way to know how much it would cost to have your
gutters cleaned is to ask us via our online form or to give us
a call.  We can usually give you a quote over the phone.  All
you need to be able to tell us is how many stories your
house is on the front and back and the approximate linear
feet of your gutters.  If you would rather not measure your
gutters, we do this for free - just ask us!

How much does it cost to have gutter guards installed?
For the best price on gutter guard installation, we
recommend scheduling this for the same day as gutter

What type of gutter guards are included in this price?
We use the Amerimax Mill Hinged Gutter Guards.  These are
a mesh gutter guard made of galvanized steel.  They won't
collapse under snow or debris, and their curved design
prevents buildup of debris.

Master Handyman, LLC is a
BBB Accredited Business.
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719 Rose O'Neil Rd.
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Master Handyman, LLC is a BBB Accredited Handyman Service in Walnut Shade, MO
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